The Tale of the Arrogant Rose

  Once upon a time, there once lived a florist in the far east of a small city, growing and selling special roses. With the arrival of the spring season, the fragrant scent of the roses, which started to bloom, began to spread everywhere. Among these roses, there was a Red rose who loved him very much and thought it was the most beautiful rose ever grown. The Red Rose often says to other roses, “Look at my beauty, the person who will take me here is very lucky. Because there has never been a rose as beautiful as mine.” he said. White Rose couldn't stand it and said, "It's true that you are beautiful, but don't be arrogant, red rose, all the roses in this garden are as special as they are beautiful." Red Rose “What do you know about beauty, anyway, my new owner will know my worth. " Said. The other roses didn't like Arrogant Rose's smug attitude at all. So they decided not to talk to him. One day, a man passing by the florist early in t